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Our most popular membership option, Semi-Private Training provides adults with a tailored training program based on their health history, biomechanical assessment, and fitness goals.

You'll begin with a full 1-hour assessment and strategy session, during which we'll assess your mobility and movement patterns, identify risk factors, discuss your training history, injury history, and goals. Based on this, we'll craft a tailored training program based on your unique health, fitness history, and goals.

Classes are performed in an intimate group setting (set to a max of 1:4 coach-to-client ratio) to ensure you receive personal attention and instruction needed to best reach your fitness goals. The program progresses each month to ensure you don't plateau as you work toward becoming a stronger, healthier you.

Semi-Private Training is the best option for those looking to get the most out of CDSF's expert coaches and most effectively achieve their fitness goals, which may include but aren't limited to:

This Program Includes:

(12-Month Memberships)

4 Sessions


8 Sessions


Unlimited Access


*Receive Unlimited Adult Group Training Access if purchase Semi-Private Training Membership

Lisa S

"The personal attention from the CDSF Staff, the positive reinforcement, and the programs are spot on for what my goals have been and continue to be. The happy, positive atmosphere makes me look forward to every workout! I am stronger, my clothes fit and look better, I have less widespread joint pain, and I feel more confident in myself!"

John S

"I trust the staff because they are constantly working with you & making sure you're doing everything properly. The training they have is above and beyond what you'll find anywhere else.Both myself & my daughter Patty love this gym & we cannot recommend it enough." #cdsfamily

Dustin I

"There is a meticulousness of training that I've never seen in other gyms. It's incredibly rare to have clear and constant instructions on how to improve rather than someone just yelling encouragements at you. Aside from a serious relief of fulltime employment stress and a large boost in confidence, all three of my major lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift) have seen VAST improvements. My 1 RM's haven't even been tested yet, but I've already lifted more than my previous 1RM's for multiple reps."