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Spending your days not feeling or performing how you want can leave you feeling defeated. At Capital District Sport and Fitness our Sports Performance and Adult Fitness Training gets you strong and feeling your best, so you can have the confidence to dominate every day.

We provide athletes and hard-working people of the Capital District fitness training, a supportive community, and education to help get them out of their workout rut, performing their best, and seeing results that last.

Through elite-level performance training, we teach you with the most effective tools for reaching your health and fitness goals-whether that be improving on-field performance, overcoming an injury, or simply improving your quality of life.

CDSF was founded by Mike Sirani and Dan Jones , two Capital Region natives who've returned home to provide the community with a gym that supports, motivates, and educates its members.

Mike and Dan have trained hundreds of athletes, from motivated high school students to established professionals, at world-renowned training facilities across the US. They've worked with players from the MLB, MLS, and MiLB, learning how to best support athletes looking to reach the next level.

With experience in strength and conditioning, massage therapy, nutrition, and sport psychology, CDSF's multi-disciplinary staff ensures each member's specific fitness needs are met as we safely guide you toward your fitness goals


Mike Sirani BS, CSCS, LMT


Mike is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and massage therapist who has spent the majority of his career in Boston training professional, collegiate, and high school athletes of various sports, as well as helping general fitness clients of all backgrounds learn to move better and get stronger than ever before. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Exercise Science, with a concentration in Sports Performance, from Springfield College and completed a highly sought after six-month internship at Cressey Sports Performance. Mike specializes in teaching athletes and general fitness clients to get the most out of their bodies by enhancing their movement quality and creating exercise programs that allow you to get stronger, faster, and more powerful in a safe and effective manner.

  • Published in top-viewed fitness websites including T-Nation, STACK, Yahoo Sports, Muscle & Strength, & Elite Baseball Performance.
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness and Medical Professional.
  • Competed in Raw Powerlifting (2x)-New England Record Holder in Deadlift.
  • Interned with world-renowned strength coach Eric Cressey and worked alongside world-renowned physical therapist Mike Reinold.
  • Coached athletes in MLB, MLS, and MiLB.
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA.
  • Massage Therapist.
  • Member of Springfield College baseball team.

Dan Jones BS, MS, NASM-PES

Co-Founder, Director of Pitching Development

Dan is an experienced trainer born and raised in the New York Capital District. The majority of his training career has been spent training clients from all backgrounds here in Clifton Park. Dan has also conducted speed and agility classes at Frozen Ropes in Albany. Dan has worked with clients with varying goals from fat loss to improving athletic performance; from weekend warriors to D1 athletes. Dan received his B.S. in Sports Biology from Springfield College where he was a member of the baseball team. Upon graduation Dan stayed on the staff at Springfield where he was a graduate assistant coach for the baseball team while he completed his M.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Exercise and Sport Psychology. During this time Dan worked with multiple softball and baseball athletes on their mental skills. Dan specializes in helping clients and athletes reach their highest potential through functional training and mental skills training. Dan looks to get his clients moving and feeling the best they ever have.

  • B.S. Sports Biology, M.S. Exercise Science with concentration in Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • Completed research and thesis on Competitive State and Trait Anxiety and Baseball Pitching
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine- Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • On Base University Pitching Certified
  • Presented at MAAPHERD and Eastern District of AAPHERD on Sport Psychology technique to help performance
  • Pitcher for the Springfield College baseball team

Samantha Sirani MS, RDN, CDN, ATC


Samantha Sirani is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She works with clients to help simplify nutrition and create nutritional plans that fit their lifestyles and build lasting habits that lead to real results. Sam is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Training from Merrimack College and went on to graduate school at Simmons College to study nutrition. She also holds a Sports Nutrition Certificate from Simmons College and a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University. Sam's worked with the University of Notre Dame Athletic Program, Merrimack College Athletics, and has used nutrition to alter her own body, winning several powerlifting competitions and competing in a fitness competition.

  • Registered Dietitian
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach
  • Interned with University of Notre Dame Football Team
  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell University
  • Has Competed in Multiple Power Lifting Competitions
  • Presented at Tufts Freidman School of Nutrition
  • New England Record Holder in Bench Press

Paul Morse BS, CPT

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Paul is an experienced trainer who grew up in Chatham, NY and attended SUNY Cortland for four years where he received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science. He has worked with a variety of clients from all different backgrounds with the majority of his career having worked with busy professionals in the New York City/New Jersey area with goals ranging from fat loss, to improving overall lifestyle, to increased strength & athletic performance. Paul specializes in strength training and sports performance using safe and effective exercise programs to help you become stronger, healthier, move better and ultimately become more confident.

  • B.S. in Kinesiology/Exercise Science from SUNY Cortland
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Sports Performance Specialist
  • Worked as Lead Personal Trainer at New York Sports Club Training a Variety of Adult Fitness Clients Looking to Move, Feel, Look, and Perform Better

Conor Maloney BS, PTA

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Conor Maloney is a Board Certified Physical Therapist Assistant. Conor specializes in post-operative orthopedics and sports physical therapy for athletes and adults. Conor attended SUNY Oneonta where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. He also attended Herkimer College where he received a Physical Therapist Assistant Degree. Prior to his career in Physical Therapy, Conor spent time as the assistant men's basketball coach at Hudson Valley Community College. Conor's experience as a physical therapist assistant, coach, and athlete allows him to relate to and help guide injured and rehabbing athletes back to high performance in their respective sports.

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from SUNY Oneonta
  • Board Certified Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Worked as assistant basketball coach for Hudson Valley Community College
  • Continuing education in various manual therapy techniques and Kinesio Taping


Matt Curbeau

Professional Triathlete & Certified Public Accountant

"Mike fosters an environment that is something that you cannot get at the local gym, or on your own. With Mike you are not only getting a very high level of attention to detail, but you are getting access to an environment that fosters development and growth. Working with Mike, I've been able to train for triathlon without any severe injuries or setbacks. I've developed a foundation stronger than I have ever had in the past. You can always count on Mike to be prepared, professional, and very much present."


Carl W

"I started training with Mike when I finished my collegiate career as a track and field athlete. I was looking for a workout program that allowed me to gain muscle and strength because I was no longer training in the college weight room. Since working with Mike I've not only gained strength and put on muscle, but I've increased my mobility and learned to appreciate that value of moving well and mastering technique on all of my lifts. This has allowed me to hit a personal record on my deadlift with my body feeling as good as it ever has. I'm excited to continue working with Mike, getting stronger, and keeping my body feeling great!"


Matt Curbeau

Professional Triathlete & Certified Public Accountant

"Mike fosters an environment that is something that you cannot get at the local gym, or on your own. With Mike you are not only getting a very high level of attention to detail, but you are getting access to an environment that fosters development and growth. Working with Mike, I've been able to train for triathlon without any severe injuries or setbacks. I've developed a foundation stronger than I have ever had in the past. You can always count on Mike to be prepared, professional, and very much present."

Mike Reinold

Owner of Champion PT and Performance and Senior Medical Advisor for the Chicago White Sox

"Mike is one of the brightest up and coming minds in the fitness and strength and conditioning field. His attention to detail, comprehensive programming, and effective communication style can help take you to the next level."

Greg Robins

Owner of The Strength House

"Over my time in coaching I have had the privilege of mentoring many young coaches as they came through the ranks. Few have become coaches that I view as peers, fewer would I consider friends, and even fewer have pushed me to get better. Mike has done all three. Anyone who is invested in reaching their potential, on or off the field, is fortunate to have the chance to be guided by Mike."

Steve Conca

Owner of Conca Sport and Fitness

"I've known Coach Mike Sirani for over 7 years. First as an athlete, then as an inspiring intern, and now as a committed coach and business owner who mentors student athletes to perform at a high level on and off the field. Coach Sirani provides the passion and expertise to positively impact every athlete's experience. As a coach and parent of 3 athletes I highly recommended Mike's programs."

Brendan Carney

Owner of Central Path Acupuncture and Acupuncture North

"Whether you are an athlete or a normal human (like me) seeking to retain a healthy active life style with boundless energy and freedom of movement Mike Sirani is the strength and conditioning professional for you. As a former certified (NSCA-CSCS) strength and conditioning professional turned acupuncturist I can truly say Mike is a trainer's trainer. He has a sharp mind and attention to detail that is the best I have seen in his profession. Mike has the ability to evaluate individuals, create specific exercise programs and truly help you reach your goals.

I trained with Mike for 3 years while he was in Boston. As a former Academic All-American basketball player and Exercise Science Major it was refreshing to meet someone with such a solid knowledge base that straddled both high level fitness and strength and conditioning with therapeutic exercise. When I started with Mike my main goal was to attain a high level of fitness and strength so that I could progress in my current spot of cold water surfing in New Hampshire and New England. Three years later I credit Mike more then anything else in progressing my surfing.

As a pain therapist who has taught courses for Harvard Medical school I referred countless patients to Mike instead of Physical Therapists because his knowledge is that good. It is rare to find someone like him - enough said - GO AND SEE HIM and you'll only be rewarded."

Tony Gentilcore

Owner of CORE and

"Mike Sirani is someone I trust implicitly in this industry. He's an excellent coach and someone who will always strive to get better and provide his athletes with the most well-rounded training environment to not only be better athletes and perform well in their respective sport(s), but to be better human beings as well."


Katie Bramley

Mother of Purdue University Diving Commit Ben

"Mike has worked with our son, making him an elite level training program. Mike has done an amazing job communicating with Ben's sport and college coaches and has created an intense and individualized training program. From a parent's perspective, Mike is always open to new ideas and better ways to incorporate new industry/sport practices into the workouts. He is motivating, hard working and full of passion for his profession. Our son has been very successful under his training direction."


Teacher & Former Skidmore Soccer Player

"I began training with Mike because I was experiencing chronic knee pain. I had suffered a career ending injury while playing soccer in college. I tore my quad, and it sidelined me indefinitely. Years later, I again started to participate in the sports I loved so much, however it was very minimally. Eventually though, the trauma to my quad caused patella tendonitis in my knee. Yet again, I was unable to compete in athletics the way I wanted to. My knee pain was nagging and constant and competing became the least of my worries. The pain kept me up at night, made climbing stairs a dreaded event and even prevented me from driving short distances. After 6 months of tri weekly physical therapy appointments, visits to orthopedic surgeons, it was recommended that I set up an appointment with Mike.

Mike is validating, positive and patient. He makes small milestones in a workout seem like a big deal, and that gave me hope. The combination of his in depth knowledge and empathy helped me believe almost immediately that I could achieve the goals that I was starting to believe were out of reach. Now I:



"A few years ago, I was experiencing chronic knee pain. I had tried many things such as cortisone injections, rest, changing my diet, yet I was still unable to play the sports I wanted to play. I was working out and taking fitness classes, but I still had a significant amount of discomfort. It sounds dramatic, but before I started working out with Mike, I was worried that I was never going to be able to play sports again without pain. I felt like I had tried so many things, and nothing was helping. Mike was able to cater my workouts to my specific areas of need while also challenging me. He meets me where I am at on any given day and finds new and challenging ways to help me grow and improve. He was understanding of my pain and validating of my frustrations, but he also made me feel hopeful and motivated. His patience with me, and his recognition of my small improvements helped me feel more patient with myself and more optimistic. Since working with Mike I now have:


Owner of 360 Neuromuscular Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapist

"Mike is able to create a strength program that compliments my goals of running and cycling, and helps keep my body in balance. Mike's strength-training programs ensure that I will reach my goals. His programs are creative, have variety, and are adjustable so my muscles and brain don't get bored, even if I have an injury that requires modifications. Now I experience less leg fatigue when during long runs, feel stronger, and have better posture."


Software Engineer

"Once I hit my 40's I realized that aches and pains were part of the game. Injuries healed more slowly and I was losing flexibility. I was concerned that my injuries wouldn't allow me to train or compete in the sports I love. Mike has provided me with a personalized program that is flexible and dynamic. My strength and mobility has increased. I've had a reduction in pain and I'm able to consistently train and compete."

Carl W

"I started training with Mike when I finished my collegiate career as a track and field athlete. I was looking for a workout program that allowed me to gain muscle and strength because I was no longer training in the college weight room. Since working with Mike I've not only gained strength and put on muscle, but I've increased my mobility and learned to appreciate that value of moving well and mastering technique on all of my lifts. This has allowed me to hit a personal record on my deadlift with my body feeling as good as it ever has. I'm excited to continue working with Mike, getting stronger, and keeping my body feeling great!"


Mom & Occupational Therapist

"I began training with Mike to decrease hip and back pain and gain strength. Before I started working out I was worried it may make my pain worse. Mike was mindful of my pain level and was able to modify exercises as needed to help me get stronger while decreasing my pain level. Since working with Mike I've gotten stronger, decreased my pain, and overall I feel better about myself. I now look forward to exercising and believe I can achieve my goals."


"At the recommendation of my Pilates instructor, I started working with Mike to address my shoulder weakness and pain. I wasn't convinced that transitioning from Pilates to training was going to be the right move for me, because I was concerned that I would lose the core strength I had gained if I focused mostly on my shoulder. I quickly learned that focusing on strengthening my shoulder did not mean that I would be ignoring the strength of other muscles. I thought it was great how Mike was able to address my shoulder while at the same time train the rest of my body to gain strength and confidence in movement. Since training with Mike I have been able to enjoy playing tennis without worrying about further hurting my shoulder. I have gained strength in my upper and lower body, which has allowed me to continue my involvement in all of the activities I like to do (skiing, tennis, hiking, playing other sports with my kids)."


"I first started training with Mike to recover from rotator cuff surgery and develop a regular strength training routine. Mike is continually updating his knowledge and has helped me achieve my goals of strengthening my shoulder and taking part in a regular well-rounded strength routine. My shoulder recovery is complete and I have no physical limitations for the various sports I play. I have been able to stay injury free and when small things come up Mike is able to modify my routines so that I can stay active while I recover. I am very happy with my fitness level!"


"When I first met Mike I was dealing with persistent lower back pain due to a bulging disc. I wanted to be able to move and function without pain and be physically strong enough to practice more advanced yoga poses that I was once able to do. Since training with Mike my lower back pain is no longer an issue. I'm a lot more mindful of alignment of my body and because of that am able to have better posture. Most importantly, I'm physically much stronger and I'm able to go through my daily activities pain free. Mike is very knowledgeable in designing workout programs that tailored to my individual needs and goals. He is very patient and supportive both as a trainer and as a friend!"


Teacher/Coach. Boston, MA

"When my college baseball career came to a close I wanted to continue being active and involved in athletics. Shortly after I found my way into the weight room and committed myself to becoming the best golfer I could be. When I began lifting weights and playing more rounds of golf I was halted by nagging injuries from my baseball career. After meeting with Mike he assured me that with consistent strength and mobility training I'd be able to improve my golf game and get my symptoms under control. In four months of working with Mike I've:



What do I wear?
Wear clothes that you are comfortable in and allow your joints to move through their full range of motion.

What do I bring?
Not much actually. We have a fountain for you to fill your water bottle, and cubbies to keep your belongings safe while you train. Bring a towel if needed and show up ready to learn, work hard, and have fun! We'll take care of the rest.

What's the difference between the class types?
If you purchased an adult group training membership, you'll notice it gives you access to three different class types. Strength Camp is a spin on your basic boot camp. Unlike your traditional boot camp, you won't haphazardly be speeding through a bunch of random exercises. Strength Camps are designed in 4-week training blocks where you'll learn to master strength-training technique, lift some heavy weight, and build serious strength! Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con) is a class for those seeking a major conditioning workout. This interval-based class will help you burn calories, lose fat, and build muscle! Restorative is a movement based program designed to aid in active recovery of your muscles and joints. All adult group training is modifiable based on your experience and skill level. Whether you're a seasoned lifter or are new to the game, each session can be adjusted to allow you to train in a group, but at your own pace and with exercises that are safe for you!

Do I need to check-in?
Because of a limited number of spaces in each semi-private session and group training class, we ask that you please sign-up ahead of time on MINDBODY. If you have any questions regarding membership purchase or signing-up for classes, please contact Mike or Dan directly!

How do I book my training sessions?
Using your credits to sign-up for training sessions is simple. Please follow the below steps do so:

  1. Purchase CDSF Membership to receive monthly training credits.
  2. Choose days and times that you want to train each week.
  3. Use credits to sign-up for session type/day/time you want.
  4. Please sign-up ahead of time as slots are limited for each class.


Cancellation Policy
Private Training: Members must cancel 24 hours prior to their training session. * Semi-Private Training: Members must cancel 4 hours prior to their training session. * Group training: Members must cancel 6 hours prior to their training session. * *Failure to cancel within the specified timeframe will result in the loss of that session.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
New members have a no-risk 30-day guarantee. As a first-time member of the CDSF family who has not previously had a CDSF membership or participated in a CDSF program, you may terminate your agreement and receive a complete refund within 30 days of your first class or semi-private session. We want to be your home for health and fitness, but if you are not having a good time in the first month, just let us know, and we'll help guide you in the right direction.

Use Them or Lose Them
With your monthly, 3-month, or annual CDSF membership, you may have been allotted a specified number of classes and/or semi-private training sessions to access each month. During the term of your agreement, a new allocation of credits becomes available for your use each month, starting with your monthly payment and expiring on the same day the following month. Your unused credits will not carry over, so plan in advance.If you purchased a Flex membership you will receive your entire allotment of credits at one time, valid for a 90-day period. Also,check out our unlimited access membership options.

What Is a Flex Membership?
A Flex Membership requires a 3-month membership to be paid in one advance payment and may not be changed, frozen, or terminated for any reason during the active 90-day agreement. The term of all Flex Memberships is 90 days. The combined fees for all three months of the agreement will be paid in full on the Membership activation date. Subsequently, the combined class and/or training credits for all three months will be available for the entire 90-day period.

You Agree to Be Kind, Supportive, & Respectful
You agree to keep and obey all rules and regulations now in force or in the future prescribed by CDSF, for the use of CDSF training facilities, premises, and equipment therein. CDSF reserves the right to revoke membership for cause if you fail to keep and obey any such rules and regulations, or for reasons of nuisance, disturbance of other members or staff, or fraud. Without limiting your obligation to obey the rules and regulations of CDSF presently in force or in the future prescribed, you agree to obey the policies and procedures as described in the CDSF Handbook as found on the "Members Resources" page of the CDSF website.

Need to Freeze Your Membership?
If your schedule changes or you experience a personal emergency and need to freeze your membership, please contact us and we will help you freeze your membership. After contacting us and filling out the Membership Freeze Form, please allow us two business days to process your request. Your billing will be suspended for the duration of the freeze. The billing will automatically resume once the freeze period has ended. Any suspended payments will be added onto the initial term of your agreement, extending the Membership term by the length of the freeze. No open-ended suspensions are permissible with the exception of a signed medical release. Below are the details regarding freezing your membership based on your membership type:

Please note: This is not a membership termination request. If you would like to terminate your membership during the freeze period, please see the paragraph below. If you choose to reactivate your membership after it's cancelled, membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applicable (membership rates are subject to change).

Membership Termination

  1. If you decide to reactivate your membership in the future (and we hope you do) membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applicable as membership rates are subject to change.
  2. If you would like to put your membership on hold instead of cancelling, you can send us an email to put your membership on hold.
  3. If you're sure you'd like to cancel, please send us an email stating that you'd like to cancel your membership. This will serve as your 7-day written cancellation notice as required by your membership agreement. Note that if you have a scheduled renewal payment within this 7-day period, the payment will be processed as scheduled. All payments are non-refundable. You have previously agreed to the terms of your membership and any request made during my contract may not be allowed and/or may be subject to an additional cancellation fee.

Misc. Notes