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Our flagship Sports Performance Training program is designed to build better, stronger, faster athletes. This program is built for high school, college, and professional athletes looking to gain a competitive edge as they work toward taking their game to the next level. All sessions will be performed with a max of 1:3 coach:athlete ratio to ensure safety and proper coaching.

You'll begin with a full 1-hour assessment and strategy session, during which we'll assess your mobility and movement patterns, identify risk factors, discuss your training history, injury history, and goals. Based on this, we'll craft a tailored training program specifically built to improve key areas relevant to you and your sport(s).

Training occurs in a semi-private setting, allowing you to receive personal guidance and support from CDSF's expert coaches, with an individualized program, while being surrounded by other motivated athletes in a team setting.

With over a decade of experience working with MLB, MLS, MiLB, college, and high school athletes, CDSF knows how to best equip athletes to develop more strength, speed, power, and durability as they look to take their performance to the next level.

This Program Includes:

(3-Month Memberships)

8 Sessions


12 Sessions


Unlimited Access


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*Family Discount : 10% off for second sibling, 50% off for 3rd